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  1. Breast reduction, tricare prime?

    Sigh, I am trying to get a breast reduction through tricare prime and am having a very hard time with it, my doctor but in a referral for a removal of stomach skin and a breast reduction, I am a 32G and they are all skin, my doctor checked my spin and the vertebrae are crooked. Tricare denied my consult because its not medically needed, my doctor was very unhappy and is trying to put it through again, I can understand why the stomach skin isn't medically needed, but to have a breast reduction denied ...
  2. Hmm everything seemed it was going good, until

    now I seem to need to eat more to feel full, and I don't like that, before about 2.5 ounces of meat would make me full where I would get that pressure, and for some odd reason this week i have been eating more like 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of food, I ate 3.5 ounces of chicken and a few pieces of broccoli that was almost an ounce and didn't get the full pressure feeling, I don't get it, and I don't know why it has suddenly changed, I am a year and a month out, and still have a considerable amount of weight ...
  3. One Year, 90 Pounds gone!

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ID:	9511 as it has been a year, on January 30th, I have been a little busy and not on here much, but I have lost 90 pounds, and would still like to loose more, my boobs are still HUGE, went from a 44DDD, to a 38G, and my stomach is very loose, I am in size 9 pants (was in 22 before), my next things on my list is a tummy tuck or something of that nature to rid me of all my skin, and a breast reduction/lift, all in all I am happy with the results, and ...
  4. cereal?.. and amounts to be eaten... over eating...

    Hi, so I just ate some wheaties cereal, I had a half cup with a quarter cup of milk. and ate it all with no problems, i soaked the cereal with the milk so it wasn't like i was drinking with food... but I feel like this is a large amount of food to be eaten at once, I feel I am always over eating..
    earlier I ate almost a whole gala apple (just a small piece was left) and an apricot,.. total it weight 8 ounces and I wasn't even full.. is this normal? I do have a problem that I don't eat slow ...
  5. Has any one tried weightless pills?

    Has anyone tried weight loss piss, like hydroxy cut or anything dietary supplement (besides whey protein or protein) for weight loss after the sleeve?
    I am just curious as to what happens after the sleeve and u take like hydroxy cut or one of those pill and work out....
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