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  1. Recommendations for Almanza's (and maybe other MX surgeons') patients

    My recommendations for items to pack are:

    • if you are hypoglycemic, take a few mints to suck on prior to surgery. (it was okay'd by them for me to keep my sugar levels up until surgery.)
    • Lip balm/chapstick (Nivea Kiss of Smoothness is my fav b/c itís not waxy or greasy.)
    • GasX Strips- NOT the pills
    • A big safety pin- to attach your drain to your pants or gown
    • A heating pad (I actually attached my safety pin to my heating pad for easy access.) Pack your heating pad
  2. My experience w/Almanza

    Keep in mind that MX is a few decades behind the US when it comes to luxury. If you think about American hospitals during the 70s or 80s, you will have a better idea of the facilities in MX. Almanza's location is in a strip-mall but don't let that scare you. Once you walk in the doors, you totally forget that.

    The first thing you do is put on booties. Then, you have blood drawn. The nurse has been the best person EVER to take blood. I didn't even feel a prick. Next, all patients walk