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    I know this was ages ago... But...

    Wow!!! I LOVE this NSV. Congratulations!
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    OMG Thank you!!! This is perfect.

    I'm sure it'll be really helpful for me.
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    I know you made this post YEARS ago, but it is STILL helping people. I am one of them.

    Thank you soo much for taking the time.
  5. yolymarie's Avatar
    Thank you so much I leave tomorrow and I am terrified. I got some grea tips from this post
  6. N2DVN's Avatar
    This worked well for post-op MMO, too!
  7. rockscott40's Avatar
    Thank you for your post. It is something I needed to read. I go in two weeks....
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    3 of the 4 drains were removed today and I feel awesome! I love not having the excess skin and my smaller boobs!
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    After having PS w/4 drains, I have something to add to this list that I wish I had when I did my VSG...buy a PT resistance band (similar to these http://www.amazon.com/Aylio-Exercise...E3YK267K2XZRVJ) to pin your JP drain to while showering. WOW! It was awesome not to have to deal with the drains or worry about them while showering.
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    Two more days and then the 'new' me process begins!
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    Skin removal is 2 weeks away. . . waiting for this surgery has been worse than the sleeve! I think that I am more nervous this time too.
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    Bought my Halloween costume for this year. Typically, they run small but this year I order what I thought was "my" normal size. It turns out that it was too big! I needed to order a size smaller than I thought. One day, my mind and my body will be on the same page.
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    Medical leave was approved by HR! I am so excited! That was the largest hurdle to get over, pre-op. Now, I don't have to worry about how I am going to get take off work for 2 weeks.
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    I am now completely off all NEXIUM! I drink a glass of cold water every morning w/1 drop YL Lemon essential oil in it. No nexium since February! It's awesome!!
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    Awesome on all accounts.
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    Pretty cool! (Confirmed what I always thought!!)
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    Thanks! Surgery is scheduled for Dec. 12th!

    Waiting is going to be torture! Waiting for the VSG was bad enough!
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    So happy for you!
  20. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    So happy for you!
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    my surgery is in 2 weeks im so happy to have read this post thank u
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    Quote Originally Posted by N2DVN
    Best wishes, cketelsen! Please keep us posted on your recovery and new life.
    Thank You for the information I have worried about going to mx to have gastric sleeve. I have a weird question is there AC in the hotel room and the clinic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsLeochun
    Thank you so much for posting I'm due to have my surgery 3/10 I'm going by myself and I been so worried about the trip to mx. Your post has help me out a lot I can't wait. I been praying that everything works out...Nice job on the weight loss keep up the good work
    I went by myself there to Jerusalem hospital and met some amazing pple and the staff was so great the nurse was there all nite for me and he rubbed my back when i was feeling like throwing up they where superb....so really was not alone...you will be fine
  24. orsola's Avatar
    Oh yes had my operation with Dr Almanza and the whole staff rocks they are the best....and that massage was great!!!!! Your description is exactly how my journey went! Yeahhhhh
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    Great info!!! Thank you VERY much!!!
  26. N2DVN's Avatar
    I didn't receive a massage. BUT my hubby did a great job taking care of me.
  27. Ishatina's Avatar
    It is called the Spider Surgical System
  28. Rob Walker's Avatar
    You left out the best part of recovery... the in room massage! That really helped me work out some of those gas bubbles.
  29. Onmyway2's Avatar
    Thank you so much for posting such important and helpful information. This post was very much needed to people who are having surgery soon or just had surgery.
  30. N2DVN's Avatar
    Best wishes, ladies! I am so thankful that I did it and am so much healthier now!
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