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  1. Next Chapter Beginning

    It has been over 2 1/2 years since my sleeve. Tomorrow, I am taking a step closer to the next chapter of my journey. I will be scheduling my fleur de lis tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery. Hoping to get a date in December, since it is sort of a downtime for me at work.
  2. NSV -well sort of

    I have been seeing my gastro for about 10 years. She has always been on my case about losing weight, well, until today. She asked me how much more weight do I plan to lose. (She had not looked at my chart w/today's weight on it. ) When I told her 30 - 35 pounds, she said that I did not need to lose THAT much b/c I look great. That's when I asked her if she had read the weight on my chart. She admitted that she hadn't and looked. Then, she said that I should not pay attention to those old school ...
  3. Reflux and GI Issues

    My apologies if this is TMI. . .I wanted to share in case anyone else has similar issues. I've been having some reflux and GI issues lately and finely got into see my gastro.

    My reflux came back about 3 months ago and my esophagus has been gurgling/growling whenever I drink or eat. I scheduled today's appt a month ago and took the nurse's advice to increase my Nexium back to 2 a day while waiting on the appt day. Meanwhile, my GI track started giving me horrible sharp pains on my left ...
  4. What a difference a year makes!

    This time last year, hubby and I were sitting at dinner in SD. He had a regular meal and I ordered veggie soup w/o the veggies. The waiter was confused and the manager refused to let me pay for broth. LOL! (Did I mention that we almost missed our connecting flight to SD due to a tornado in the area of our local airport? )

    After dinner, we relaxed in the hot tub, in the below average weather but enjoyed it. The next morning, I woke up way too early and was ready to leave for the airport ...
  5. interesting read on excess skin

    from Facebook: WebMD

    When you’ve lost over 100 lbs, the joy of reaching your goal may be dampened by new hurdles, such as tightening up excess skin. Check out these expert tips. Have you achieved your healthy weight? http://on.webmd.com/OGsPxO
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