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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Sounds like you're having more of a positive outlook which is sooo important to the recovery and success of this life-changing surgery and journey. Keep the faith and know it really does get better. Try to sip the liquids, drink some protein and just wait, soon you'll be on some soft foods and when you see he weight coming off; you'll be thrilled.
  2. JeanAng's Avatar
    Thanks guys...went to see my doctor today,and had all my labs done...i was low in sugar and he gave me vitamins for support...and the doc told me to at least drink milk and not concentrate on water...
  3. VSGOct2011's Avatar
    IF you are still feeling sick get medical attention - this has been long enough Jean. Perhaps you need an IV of fluids to get you feeling back to normal. Our surgeries same day - I'm feeling terrific now, except mild pain in belly, loads of energy! You need medical care now!
  4. teacherdan's Avatar
    Go to the ER. This is not normal.
  5. TrailNurse's Avatar
    Are you getting your protein in? Have you tried drinking a bit of fruit juice. Maybe you need a little carbs to jump start your energy?
  6. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Keep with the positive attitude and your "eye on the prize"! Some days are not so good, others are better,but life will be great.
  7. Camscrib20's Avatar
    I was feeling great then yesterday was a really bad day they sent me home from work cuz i was dizzy and sick and today a complete 360 so guess we just gotta take it day by day
  8. JeanAng's Avatar
    Thank you guys...im somewhat relieved that im not the only person who gone this emotions... it's just sad that im surrounded with people who are eating dry foods...i wanna chew...ill get used to this sipping thing...
  9. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I totally agree with lildee. I'm only 3 months post-op and sometimes it's still hard to eat, get the protein, drink liquids, etc, but I'm so happy I did this for myself. I'm down 64 lbs., off my meds, diabetes is way more under control and life will continue to be better and longer! I think being in the hospital so long isn't helping the sitution very much. Once I got home, after 1 1/2 days, I was better; began walking, showering, feeling human! I still had the dizziness, lots of diarehea (sp) and never able to drink that protein, however; there's not a day that goes by that I'm not happy I got the surgery. I think your depression is partly due to hormonal changes, post effects of surgery and being in the hosptial so long. Try short walks around the hallways of the hospital, take sips of liquid, cut back on pain meds (they make you depressed), and look forward to a very rewarding journey. Best of luck and keep in touch with us here.
  10. Marbe's Avatar
    Hang in there, you will be better, I had the sleeve and the first week was hard, even after 9 week I get nauseas and sick from time to time and wish I had never done it, but then when I see how much I lost it make me feel proud of myself, sometimes I feel a little pain on my incision still, I just want you to feel better and don't feel the way you feeling I know you are the one feeling sick but we are here for you.
  11. lildee143's Avatar
    take a deep breath and relax. It so gets better. The first 2 weeks are hell, the next few months are better, then it's great. As you see the pounds shedding you will be so happy. I am 3 years out and do nothing but reap the rewards of all the pain and suffering the first 6 months.
    I remember times I would take 2 or 3 bites and have to excuse myself from the table, go walk around out side and cry because I thought I had made a huge mistake also. Trust me it gets better. The pain will go away. Your not going to rip your stitches and your going to look and feel great.
  12. JeanAng's Avatar
    sorry its not gastric bypass...but it's gastric sleeve...i was crying when im writing my blog im sorry for the typos..
  13. mbd's Avatar
    Keep up the good work girl...
  14. brendadenton64's Avatar
    you are definately blessed
  15. JeanAng's Avatar
    kelli - thank you so much... i know i made it today... yey! i forgot to ask the doctor on what kinda liquid i should take... is it the clear one or like tomato based or something. LOL! coz i had chowder (just the liquid) for dinner.. i kept on calling my doctor and he's not answering my calls. thanks for cheering me up it helps a lot.
  16. kelli4girlz's Avatar
    Hey girl you can so do this. You may feel a little tired so take it a bit easy. In a few days you'll start to feel better. Drink lots of water/crystal light. I did medi-fast for a long time but of course I gained any weight lost back and then quite a bit more. Try not to be to scared. Just remember to breath like your Dr's telling you and post a lot. Some how talking about it makes it a little better. You're going to be just fine.
  17. NatalieAnn's Avatar
    good luck!! dont worry im 23, i was 22 when i had the sugery and that was almost 6 months ago! you'll do great good luck!!!
  18. laperkins's Avatar
  19. roxyringo's Avatar
    i had the sleeve? dont know who you were asking xx
  20. laperkins's Avatar
    Did you have Gastric Bypass or Sleeve?
  21. tiredoftheband's Avatar
    Congratulations on making the change. You will do well. Once you get past the liquids and mushy stuff just remember to eat small bites and chew well. You will do great. Ask for advice when you need it and research how to get a lot of liquid protein or protein powders to mix in food and keep that up. More protein and fewer bad carbs and that weight will fall right off. Good luck. When is your surgery?
  22. roxyringo's Avatar
    lovely to see you on here you are going to be just fine its the most exciting thing in the world...i am 32 and wanted to do it for my health as my knees and back were hurting 101 days out and 5 stone 7 lb lighter I am sooooo happy i cant believe it...7lb lighter than when i got married..which was when i got pregnant so hopefully baby number 2 can come along after xmas...be prepared to eat what feels like nothing compared to what you were eating before...a few mouthfuls are all i can manage...certain foods you will not be able to tolerate but which ones is down to the individual...fruit and eggs are a no go for me at the moment although i do sometimes have a slice of apple...either one end or the other it comes out of...

    for your op you need to take your own pillow...nothing like it...i dont know where i would have been without mine! also a good toothbrush and some nice toothpaste...my mouth was feeling gross after the op...and be prepared to eat nothing! for the first could of days just water...then they gave me some jello and some watery soup...the first couple of weeks are the hardest but that was when i saw the biggest results!! our doc in the uk says just stick to 3 meals a day and eat what ever is going dont worry about diet stuff as this is a life long commitment and you need to be able to live...so i eat what the rest of the family eats (generally) and the advice so far has worked...i take my multi vitamin daily and way to go...oooo and coffee keeps me going if i feel like i need something - decaf with a little skimmed milk... good luck with your journey and i hope you are as satisfied with it as i am xx