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  1. How to exercise after gastric surgery

    There is a lot of weight loss surgery types. A patient may choose between gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or gastric balloon. However, it should be stated that the surgery itself will not contribute to significant weight loss. Only through a healthy diet and exercises will maintain the positive effects of the surgery. Exercises are one of the major components in weight loss procedure as it reduces stress, anxiety or bad mood.

    Apart from healthy exercises are also of great importance ...
  2. Gastric sleeve surgery abroad and diet after it

    During the gastric sleeve surgery the size of the stomach is reduced up to 80%, therefore it is a great opportunity for those who require quick weight loss as patients may lose even of their excess weight. Moreover, they feel less hungry and fuller after each meal.

    What is a gastric sleeve surgery in Poland?

    Gastric sleeve surgery is a commonly chosen procedure for a patient who struggles with losing weight. After arrival to Poland, a patient is taken from the airport ...