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  1. Emotional Breakdown in Macy’s

    So I went to Macy’s yesterday to return some items I had purchased online that did not work out. After returning the items I did a lap around the clearance racks and found some other clothes I wanted to try on and ended up in the dressing room. These days I never know what will fit me, since my size seems to change every couple weeks, so I grabbed several size ranges in clothes. I am four months out from surgery and have been doing good losing the weight. I’m a pear shape and have been buying ...
  2. Day 2 Post-Op

    Hi all, so 2 days after my sleeve surgery and I don’t feel too awful. I have some aches and pains...particularly when getting out of bed or trying to sit up. But if I am walking or sitting the pain is minimal. I do however have a stiff neck and shoulders, which is making it pretty difficult to get out of bed. Not sure if that’s normal or I just slept wrong in the hospital bed? I was wondering how long, on average, the pain lasts? When do you feel good enough not to need to take the pain medicine? ...