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  1. Passive aggressive judgment

    So everyone I have talk to seems to be very supportive about my surgery. Yet I find that some people will say things that makes me wonder. Itís like they just hope that it doesnít work out or that I have complications because Iím ďtaking the easy way out.Ē Comments like ďI donít know how you think you are going to do itĒ and ďif you canít be committed to exercise and diet how can you do thisĒ or ď I hope you know what you are doing because this is not a simple surgery ď oh and how about ď oh my ...
  2. What I do

    Iím a 911 Dispatcher. I have been doing this job for 11 years. Before that I worked in medical bariatric offices and hopsitals. Itís a stressful job and we eat terrible and sit for 12-16 hours and sometimes get no lunch breaks so we eat out of vending machines. Itís not a healthy way to live. Yet day in and day out we answer calls from people who are young and old and all having heart problems, diabetic emergencies and over weight people who need help getting up or who fell and canít grt up from ...
  3. The Roller Coaster Ride

    My mind is constantly thinking about my surgery. I wake up and think about how Iíll eventually eat breakfast and how I will dress when Iím healthier and thinner. I sit in my car and wonder how my legs will look sitting in the driver seat. I drink my coffee and think what it will be like when I canít drink caffeine. I worry if Iíll have complications and not be able to work. When Iím not busy at work Iíll think about what I need to do to be ready for my surgery and what I need to get and check FB ...