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  1. ACE's Avatar
    Thank you both!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are getting out of that toxic relationship. I hope you and your children find the peace and healing that you need. Big hugs!
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Ace, I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. It's for sure better to be out of an abusive marriage, especially for the kids. It will probably take some time to adjust to your new life but you seem to be on the right track! Since your major source of stress is out of your life you are on your way to a better life for sure. Stress is the worth and especially for us sleevers, we have to be careful to avoid stress as much as possible to protect our sleeve.
    Sending you my best wishes for fast healing (from those past years of abuse) and happy new life. Take care.
  4. ACE's Avatar
    I am so proud of myself thank you! I love the changes I have made.
  5. Katrina's Avatar
    You are freaking rock star! Hands down one of the best stories I've seen. So much admiration for you for your determination, hard work, and continued success. I sure hope you're proud of yourself.
  6. saramichelle's Avatar
    You look amazing!!! I too was struck when stepping on the scale last year. I can't wait to compare pictures and experience that kind of change. Congrats!
  7. ACE's Avatar
    Thank you it helps a lot when others see it too
  8. Ann2's Avatar
    Thank you, Ace. I'm only 2.5 years post-op, but I also feel reborn. Recognizing that never gets old.
  9. Nenekidd's Avatar
    hi congrats, you look great. I had my sleeve 2014, and can't seem to loose the weight like I should.Any suggestions please.
  10. Sue_902010's Avatar
    Wow! You look great :-)
  11. ACE's Avatar
    Nancy23 funny you mention that My husband and I are working on litterally surrounding our home with tires filled with dirt and plastics (like bricks made of trash lol) because we have found the tin roof helps block some of the environmental stuff i feel and the electromagnetic. Its annoying but its liveable so I just keep saying I got this chance to be healthy in my life for a reason I am NOT gonna just sit back and watch life pass me by L I try to keep the better attitude to keep the depression away that can creep in with this type of junk.
    And thanks everyone
  12. ACE's Avatar
    BeachGirl---I do melt the coconut oil and add oils to it. I got into oils via doTerra I do sell it but try not to push I hate pushy people lol I do it more as a personal healthcare routine but i can send you more info if you wanna PM me You can also find oregano oil and grapefruit oil at health food stores if you wanna try it its cheaper that way to try but those arent as pure and cant be ingested. I do ingest mine some days when i really want a boost in my mood they both do that as well as helping with skin.
  13. mem222's Avatar
    I've always thought of loose skin as a good thing, I am starting to get it in my arms and I am actually proud of it. I have a sister who got addicted to plastic surgery and I just don't think it is for me.
  14. mokaza's Avatar
    Ace, I just had breast reduction surgery last Wednesday. The Dr. Told me there is very little pain with a reduction and lift. An augmentation goes under the muscle while the reduction takes off soft tissue. My breast were HUGE. He took off almost four pounds of tissue and I have had very little pain. Just a feeling of pressure. I also had my upper and lower eyelids done at same time. They are bothering me more than the breasts. I've had chronic back pain for most of my adult life. My back hasn't bothered me since surgery. If your happy with the way you look than don't let anyone tell you differently but if your worried about the pain of a lift/reduction I can tell you it has not been at all bad.
  15. beachgirl22851's Avatar
    I already use coconut oil as my everyday lotion (and have for 2+ years), but where do I find the other oils you mentioned? Health store? And what do I do, melt the coconut oil and add the other oils in with it?
  16. amt5298's Avatar
    this encourages me hearing the the skin over time will snap back as long as you take care of it my belly is just now starting to hang i have lost 69lbs in four months and i know it will only get worse with time i try sit ups and stuff it seems to help some but need others ways to help with this
  17. ACE's Avatar
    I use coconut oil as my everything moisturizer but I add cilantro oil as well as grapefruit oil they are both for skin damage issues and since i have been using those two (about 3 months now) the skin looks even better lately.
  18. suzn358's Avatar
    ACE - What kind of oil do you use on your body?
  19. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Ace, please get well soon. You have two kids and that's such a blessing!
  20. bangieb's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are doing well. Take it easy, you'll be back at your old self in no time.
  21. ACE's Avatar
    I had a hysterectomy. after my last baby I realized how bad having more would drain me and I need to help so my doc agreed that since i have issues with all forms of BC (we had two kids using two different forms as well as me reacting to hormonal stuff) this was my best option I am done with kids and if I want to get my skin fixed I am not having anymore anyway.
  22. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    It looks like the binders have been very helpful. When you do have surgery, you will be that much further ahead!
  23. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Ace, what surgery did you have? I know you were having problems eating.
  24. Terps's Avatar
    My first thought was sex toy. Fifty Shades movie comes out soon!
  25. Ms. Jupiter's Avatar
    Great picture. I think I would fall on my head, or flip all the way over and land flat on my back. I am not the most graceful creature on the planet, but you make it look like lots of fun.
  26. Tlwmomof4's Avatar
    What kind of binders do you use? And do you drink the oils or apply them? I'm very interested. I had a tummy tuck but my arms and legs need lots of help.
  27. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    Don't try to understand us guys.

    2 people could be looking a the "Venus De Milo" statue.
    Woman: "What a beautiful work of art. Awe inspiring. Exquisite craftsmanship".
    Man: "I'd tap that".
  28. ACE's Avatar
    LMFAO! JoePappa You are so funny And Yes he did think that of the spatula too ....
  29. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    but of course my husband still thinks its a sex toy
    It's a guy thing. A woman can come home with a new spatula from the Dollar Store, and us guys will think "hmmmm, a new sex toy".
  30. Midas's Avatar
    Falling was my immediate thought. I'd hate to bring the house down!!
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