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  1. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Always a hard time, one day at a time, back on the wagon, good luck
  2. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Always the hardest time of year
  3. BraveJan's Avatar
    Sounds good
  4. KiwiGal's Avatar
    By crikey this Covid business has a lot to answer for doesn't it?!
    We are so lucky here in NZ that apart from overseas travel we are pretty much living our "normal" lives. Our lockdowns (we had 2) were hard. So I understand a little of what you are feeling. Thankfully I had my partner and my work to focus on but I had to really make a concerted effort not to head to the pantry and fridge too often. It's a constant temptation working from home. We were lucky that our big lockdown happened when the weather was good so we were able to get outside and do some jobs that we hadn't had time for previously. Also we were able to go for long walks around the neighbourhood.
    I also found some wool and started crocheting again. I'm not great at it but managed to cobble together a blanket for our new grand daughter.
    I guess what I'm saying is that if you can try and find a distraction then that might help.
    Being alone must be really difficult. I was grateful for video calls to my friends and family. We programmed in regular chats each week which was good. Are you able to do something like that perhaps?
    These are difficult times so please don't beat yourself up too much. You need to do whatever you can to get through them - and venting on here is not only allowed, it's recommended :-)

    Kia Kaha (stay strong)
  5. AnnieG's Avatar
    So glad we know we can always correct what we're doing! What a great tool
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    One day is not going to change your journey. Getting back on track you'll be fine!

    I enjoyed pumpkin pie and whipped cream too! But I don't eat it any other day of the year.
  7. Esteban-150's Avatar
    I use Barimelts multi as well as Celebrate multivitamin. In addition to the multivitamin I take a sublingual b12 , Barimelts iron, mega red krill oil and Thorne Cal-Mag citrate effervescent.
  8. MsLisa71's Avatar
    See if you can tolerate some water enhancers; flavoring like True Lime/Lemon or Mio drops. It makes water more palatable for some. My program had us start vitamins at week 2 when adding protein drinks....1st week we were on clear liquids only.

    Sorry you are having a rough go of it.
  9. MsLisa71's Avatar
    I take Bariatric Fusion chewable multivitamins. Take 4/day, I space them out. They include all of what my program suggests including calcium and iron. I like the wild cherry and strawberry flavors. I get them on Amazon - they are $2 more/bottle than the BF website, but I get free shipping with Prime.
  10. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Wait at least a week before vitamins and just make sure you hydrate. Our surgeons don't recommend the vitamin regime until at least a week later, the concentration is on hydration in the beginning. Make sure you just keep sipping, sipping and more sipping, all day like "it's your job"! Dehydration in post-op patients the first 30 days is the number 1 return to the hospital for fluids! Please try your best to stay hydrated, find a beverage/beverages you like and stick to them. Continued success!
  11. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling better. You are doing well!
    I had an issue with multi vitamins initially. Purchased some recommended chewable ones and they made me feel nauseous (of course I bought a bulk lot that are now sitting in the cupboard!). I am now on capsules but I have to take them after food or they make me feel the same. I think I was about 3 weeks out when I was told to start taking them.
  12. Krstal02's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SassyWade
    Intially just thinking about taking all the vitamins, it could be overwhelming. What has work best for me, is using a 7 day pill box (cost $3 0r $4 at Vitamin Shoppe). Which I refill every Sunday before bed. Most of my vitamins are chewables and meltables besides my Viamin D and B12 (Nasal Spray, take once a week). I carry that box everywhere I go so I don't forget to take them. But I normally take my vitamins early in the morning and after lunch. Hopefully, this helps you some! Good luck on your journey!
    which brands of vitamins do you use in everything you listed inside of your original message?
  13. Christie13's Avatar
    I was the same for only a few hours after surgery. I have issues with anesthesia. Glad you are doing better. Remember that hydration and protein are your priorities right now. I would wait a little on vitamins unless you can stomach the liquid ones. Pills can be a bit tricky right now, although some people have no issues with them. The multi vitamins made me throw up in the beginning and I could only take the gummy multi vitamins. But hey, if you can keep a multi vitamin down I say go for it. Just remember that the beginning is the hardest and it will get a little easier every day.
  14. sraebaer's Avatar
    Glad to hear you're doing better! Keep it up.

    And ask your doctor the vitamin question. I can't remember.
  15. Ccarter9889's Avatar
    I went to see my surgeon yesterday. 4 liters later and I feel much better. I kept 26 oz of fluid down today. Woo hoo. Now I wonder how soon is too soon to start vitamins? Lord knows I need them.
  16. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yep, as Ann2 said, don't muck around with this. Call your surgeon right away!
  17. Ann2's Avatar
    Call your surgeon's office immediately. You do NOT want to get dehydrated.

    Your surgeon may order you to the ER where you can receive a drip.
  18. AnnieG's Avatar
    I had serious vitamin aversion and barfing - thn went to the chew gummy ones, and biotin. No problems with those. I take about 30 min after the lunch meal.
  19. Christie13's Avatar
    The multi vitamin made me sick in the beginning. Now no issues whatsoever. I do take regular over the counter multi vitamins. I do not take iron as I have naturally high levels. I also take calcium citrate, vitamin D3, biotin, and high potency magnesium 400 for constipation. I used to take B12 but no longer take that. The farther along you get you are not quite as vitamin dependent if you have a good diet but at minimum I would say the multi vitamin and calcium are for life.
  20. Loveangel104's Avatar
    I found that if I don't take my vitamins after I have eaten, I get an upset stomach. All of mine are from Unjury.com and are chewable, with the exception of my B12 which is sublingual and from CVS/Pharmacy. I can't wait till I can take a pill form for some of them because they aren't the tastiest.

    I take my multivitamin, iron and d3 with breakfast; the calcium, baby aspirin (only have to take these for first month post op), and b12 with lunch. I also added biotin with the breakfast vitamins, since I don't want to lose my hair which is thin to begin with.

    Hope this helps,

  21. Redmustang812's Avatar
    Bariatric Fusion chewables, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening,it has everything you need.
  22. markferm's Avatar
    I take Barilife vitamins and they are great and specifically designed for bariatric patients. The powder is easy to take but i got burnt out on the taste and switched to the pills...6 a day.
  23. sraebaer's Avatar
    Mine is easy and I've followed it for almost 5 years now.

    1. Multivitamin - My nut insists nothing over-the-counter as it doesn't have everything we need, like the iron. I use ProCare Health one-a-day which I order on line or they sell at our local HyVee grocery store. It comes in a tiny chewable for early on, and capsules which I take now.

    2. Calcium citrate with D3, 1200 to 1500 daily. (for me that's 2 a day). Can't be taken with the multi vitamins. In the beginning I ordered orange flavor chewable Building Blocks (also on line). Now I just get it at Walmart.
  24. TheSassWay's Avatar
    Intially just thinking about taking all the vitamins, it could be overwhelming. What has work best for me, is using a 7 day pill box (cost $3 0r $4 at Vitamin Shoppe). Which I refill every Sunday before bed. Most of my vitamins are chewables and meltables besides my Viamin D and B12 (Nasal Spray, take once a week). I carry that box everywhere I go so I don't forget to take them. But I normally take my vitamins early in the morning and after lunch. Hopefully, this helps you some! Good luck on your journey!
  25. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi, I take a multivitamin designed for pregnant women as I get anemic easily. It has higher doses of things, I also take vitamins d, zinc and get an injection of b12 once a month. I also get sick on an empty stomach so usually take them when I've eaten. sometimes I don't time it right and it makes me heave after 5 mins! Doesn't last long though! Also I was allowed to take tablets straight after the op. All surgeons are different. Good luck to you. Much excitement!
  26. Sandra3's Avatar
    I was allowed to take pills/tablets at 3 days post-op. For a while I couldn't take vitamins on an empty stomach, it would make me really sick.
    I usually took my pills with my protein shake in the morning. Exception for iron, it's better to take it with vitamin C and far from meals.

    Try to keep it simple. I usually carry a pill box in my purse in case I'm late in the morning, I can take my vitamins at lunch.

    I take a multi, D,omega, and most important iron each day. B12 once a week on Sunday.
  27. Ccarter9889's Avatar
    Thats a wonderful idea. I'll look into that. Thank you.

    QUOTE=denzel;bt204472]Could you, perhaps, find something you might like to join do as a volunteer. e.g. walking dogs at a rescue organisation. Great way to meet folk, you get to exercise, and to gain the benefits of doggie companionship.[/QUOTE]
  28. Ccarter9889's Avatar
    Thank you, you're sweet
    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieStillG
    I think you will find your brave, and step out. You will find people to be much kinder than you expect, and there may be some friends who are in need of exactly you!
  29. Ccarter9889's Avatar
    Thank you. I just need to get over myself I guess. Super helpful! I hope things are going well for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiGal
    There is a lot of support here so please don't feel as though you are on your own with this.
    I have found that when I walk by myself I have to plug in some music to help me along the way. I don't like walking by myself - it's boring - but having some music or a radio station to listen to makes it bearable. Just make sure that you are walking somewhere that you feel safe and that it is daylight. And you know what, I've found that no-one takes any notice of me or what I am doing. You never know you might find a kindred spirit on your walks.
    Kia Kaha (stay strong)
  30. nlee's Avatar
    I agree with sraebaer! I have a bf and 3 kiddos (11, 9 and 22 mos. at home) at home. It's a pain to cook their faves and watch the bf bring home pizzas, biscuits, McGriddles and all the other yummies home and keep up with my new way of life. I'm so used to eating whatever, whenever, whether I'm hungry or not and to now say no thank you to most of these things is hard. The bf "forgets" every day that I can't have certain things bc I'm still on the full liquids diet for a few more days. I think it would be easier to focus on the right foods without all these distractions about.
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