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  1. New day

    Sorry every. It was a hard Thanksgiving. And I was not in a good state of mind. But after some soul searching Ive decided to buckle down and get back on task. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. The HARDEST Thanksgiving yet.

    Hello all. I know I haven't participated but I do visit often and read the posts. This past October marked 3 years since my VGS. I got down to 140 and since covid may 2020 I bounced back to 165. I stopped going to the gym because I have concerns about saftey covid precautions but I do have a personal trainer who visits 3 times a week. I noticed that outside of work, I dont socialize anymore and am developing anxiety when I do. This causes me to want to eat. Oh, and boredom causes me to want to ...
  3. 3 days out, what did I do?

    From the moment I woke up to this very min I have been dry heaving or vomiting. I cant hold water down. Im worried about dehydration. Any advice?
  4. Vitamin overload...HELP

    15 days and 7 hours till my VGS and I still have no idea on the most optimal and easiest vitamin schedule. I have a very busy work day and already fear liquid intake is going to be hard...what about vitamins. Any suggestions?
  5. It's hit me, I'm doing this alone

    Im trying not to binge or emotionally eat but Im doing this solo. Im single in a town where I have no friends or family. I'm pretty sure thats one of the reasons Ive eaten...for comfort.
    If I take that way, then I really wont have anything. Its scary. I know I should just get up, go outside, take a walk but doing it alone makes me uncomfortable. I dont know how to get out of that mental head space.
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