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  1. Acid reflux meds


    Dr prescribed acid reflux meds and gallbladder med and I have been taking for 7 weeks now.

    How long have you been taking yours?

    Also, today I was able to eat 4.5 oz of salmon and I did not feel restriction, I did not realize that I had more than 3 oz. I really freaked out!

    Any comments are appreciated!
  2. 5 weeks out almost no restriction

    I am very concern because I am listening my body as I ate but lately I do not feel the pain in my left side like whem I was at 3 weeks out or any other sign to tell me to stop. I get burps with 2 bites but that is not the signal.
    I lost 17 pounds after sugery 5 weeks ago and total of 27 and I am happy for that but i was expecting a sharp pain if I eat more than half a cup but nothing.

    I ate 5 medium to small shrimps and a sauteed broccoli ( 3 pieces). Is that too much for ...
  3. Acid réflex GERD

    I am in Da y 11, acid reflux started on day 4. I am taking prescribed Pepsid and I still have it. Switching to Omeprazole.

    I read that gastric sleeve can give you GERD. Has any of you experience this?

    Does it go away?
  4. It is done

    Well I got sleeved yesterday, I am sore and in pain.

    My shoulder and chest hurts from the bloated. Hard to get anything without hurting.

    Hope this goes quick.
  5. Tomorrow Surgery/Halloween i

    Well tomorrow is the day.

    As you all experimented anxiety is high. Surgery is in a clinic.
    I am scare of the anesthesia, the IV, but not from the surgery itself.

    Just look forward of what I will be able to eat on Christmas, looks like it will not be prime rib that my husband cooks every year. I was told that with such small pouch meats are heavy to digest, so guess will be turkey.

    I am happy to do this but at the same time I am afraid.
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