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  1. Off to a Great Start!!!

    So my great start is that I went to my PCP yesterday and I let the doctor know that I was going to be having Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico. He said that its fine and that they will look me over when I come back so I'm so excited right now that I have an American doctor that is willing to work with me Post- OP VSG!!!. Also my parents at first were scared for me to go to Mexico like at all but we have the same chiropractor and so the doctor that aligns out back she's hispanic and she informed my ...
  2. Only the Beginning

    Omg i can't believe I'm having surgery again. My name is Brianna I'm 22 recently married on august 8 2017 to my wonderful other half Sean. I previously got the brazilian butt lift and breast aug for bigger boobies on June 2015. At the time or a bit before I got the surgery done my oldest sister told me to just do squats and that i'd get the butt I wanted but I was like nope I wont not even close to the size that I want and then she suggested that with the money I was saving for my brazilian to use ...