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  1. 3rd month since sleeve -- slow weight loss?

    Is it normal for the weight loss after surgery to slow down? Into my 3rd month after surgery. Been following diet and feel like I'm doing more and feeling better but weight loss has really slowed down. I know I have lost a lot of weight since the 1st of the year but this month it seems like nothing is coming off like it had been. Any thoughts????
  2. How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Hello everyone. How do you keep yourself motivated? I'm not two months out and seem to be loosing the motivation that I had to start. I'm not hungry and most of the time food (protein drinks) turn me. Also can't seem to keep moving. I want to do so much but then I just don't. When I do more I seem to be to tired to do anything the next day. Also issues with moving my bowels. It goes from not stopping to can't go. Oh man, I won't change my mind on the surgery just can't seem to get ...