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  1. Vitamins/Tespo

    Hey!!! Not sleeved yet, but getting there!! Has anyone tried the Tespo vitamin dispenser??? I know when I 1st got my band, taking vitamins were a no go. But with this Tespo dispenser, it just a shot of vitamins in just a few sips. And they have a bariatric pack. Been on the fence on getting one, not getting sleeved till Jan, but i think i want it.
  2. Band to sleeve revision

    Good morning everyone!!!! I am curious, has anyone had a band to sleeve revision??? This is where i stress out the most, worrying about my Dr going in and not being able to do the sleeve because my band has slipped or something. I have had my band for about 10 years but havent had any fluid in it because I had issues with Reflux.