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  1. Fears and thoughts

    My initial appointment with the surgeon is next week. I'm down about 14 pounds so far, and about 30 from my heaviest. It feels nice, even just making slow progress.

    Today, my husband and I went to local caverns and did a guided tour. While waiting for the tour to start, I was reading the facts about it and just getting myself so scared. I kept thinking about what if I couldn't do it? Then I felt awful because, at my age, I should be signing up for the advanced tours. The tour guide ...
  2. Step One

    Well, my doctor set me up with a referral to a surgeon. I contact the surgeons office, because I am proactive like that. My first meeting with them is June 10th. Prior to scheduling the meeting, they asked that I reach out to my insurance to make sure that bariatric surgery is covered, which I had already done. I had checked online, I had made my husband get a copy of our SPD from his HR person. But after I called the surgeons office, I called my insurance on the phone to just triple check. The ...