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  1. Hi Everyone

    This is my 6th Day post op and feeling well so far but I am missing food however not hungry, I lost 5 kilos so fare b and waiting for more.
    I am still on liquids ( water, juices and soups) , tolerating well but I don`t know the feeling when I start solid .

    Any advises for the next phase.

    Many thanks
  2. Going Back to work?

    Go back to Work,

    After how long can I go back to work post op?

    Also Can I travel 2 week post op?

  3. Next week operation

    Hi Every one, I am planning to have my operation next week and I am worried abut the 1st and 2nd post op.

    Any advise regarding the 1st week fluid as well as the 2nd week semi solid food?

    I need your support .