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  1. Buyers remorse?

    Hi,. I am only 12 days post op, I am now allowed to eat solid foods. The problem is that I don't know what feeling full should feel like. I think I can eat more than I am supposed to be eating. I have read post from other sleevers who can only eat half a yogurt, yet I can eat the whole thing. I am afraid I am doing this wrong and I will gain it all back. Did I make a mistake getting this done. My anxiety is kicking in and am so worried.
  2. Gas pain and fullness

    How long does that feeling of bloating and fullness last after surgery. Can't seem to find a comfortable place to rest. Stomach feels so blown up.
  3. tomorrow is the big day

    Okay, so it's finally here. I was fine all week. Now I am so nervous and scared. I hope I made the right decision. I am worried about how my body will react after surgery. I had a surgery a few years ago that left me pretty sick for over 6 weeks. Can someone please give me some words of encouragement. thank you in advance. I really need this forum today.