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  1. Goal Hit!

    This morning I hit my weight loss goal of 170 lbs!! Went from a 38-40 in waist to 32 and XXL shirt to a Medium! I feel great! I am so glad I had this surgery! Now if my gallbladder would just relax a bit. Randomly feels like a pulled muscle but not really painful. Not sure I really want to be losing anymore weight but it might be coming. Itís only been 4 months since my surgery.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Well, I havenít posted much since my surgery that was on Aug 7th. I am only like 5 lbs away from my goal which is crazy fast. I think if I lose much past my goal weight I will look too thin. The journey has been really great so far. I can eat anything I could in the past just a ridiculous small amount. Looking forward to my 5-6 bites for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I do have a question, has anyone else experienced random back pain? I will get it at random times throughout the day. I really hope ...