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  1. One-derLand

    Hey everyone.. it's been a while since I've been online...busy with getting coffee shop construction and life.. got a baby puppy.. born during my surgery.. 2 month surgery anniversary. While staying so busy, I didn't weigh in much until today.. and I reached one-derLand.. I told my partner - and the first thing she said was tell your group friends.. don't act like it's not a big deal.. so... in case you are new to surgery - results happen=sometimes when you are not looking! all the best!
  2. question about numbness

    Hi! did anyone experience skin numbness on their tummy skin the first week?
  3. Released today and long trip home tomorrow

    Doesn't seem real.. until i drink something.. lol .. sipping away.. but, seems like I cannot finish 8 oz today.. ice is helping the swelling, they tell me. just walked a walmart mile near my hotel looking for a compression bandage for the bumpy flight.. no luck.. guess I'll use the pillow they gave me. I've been in great company. the 4 of us.. from all over USA.. and our companions. My companion has been signing autographs all day... actor.. and having fun. Texas bbq on the menu for her tomorrow.. ...
  4. recovery in one week

    Hey all... in one week, I'll be in recovery. pre op is like a spiritual fast.. but, i do feel really empty and the nerves makes ya want to emo-munch. Won't do that, but I feel that addiction kicking in.

    Trying to lose as much as possible before surgery.. did anyone else do that? does it make a big difference in personal results?

    Please, send good vibes.. I'm glad I found this group.. lot's of wisdom here. Help me thru this week! Surgery on Tuesday April 24.