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  1. My One Year Surgery

    Hi Everyone,

    Well my Goodness its a year and a bit since my surgery and I am sorry I am a little late in writing this but I had to fly home to the UK to look after my Mother.

    She is doing ok now and I have left her in capable hands but it sent everything into a spin.

    However, I can only say this year has been the most rewarding and wonderful year of my life.

    I put myself first or rather I put my well being and health as the priority and ...
  2. 5 Months tomorrow

    Hi All

    Well, what a difference time makes.

    Here I am now down from 14 and a half stone to 10 and a half.

    I work in KG as it inspires me to see the numbers coming down in a way that I feel happy with.
    I was 207 pounds thats now 149 pounds.

    I can only get my head around pounds as from now as it felt too hard to focus on each pound in my mind for some strange reason.Probably my habits in the past, but I did this and I honestly did not ...