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  1. 4th post op day- mourning the loss of food

    Physically today I look fatter than when I started, due to a nightmare journey travelling home yesterday making me a bit swollen.That I can handle , what I struggled to cope with was the carvings I was having in the 6 hrs spent in the airport with nothing but the amazing smells of pizza, chicken and luscious food.
    I have to admit , although my stomach is "fixed" I am worried my brain is not. I have just had my 100ml of soup and I feel full , yet as I watch my children eat lunch ...
  2. 1st day post op

    Hi everyone ,
    i was sleeved yesterday in Oakview Brno. After a really rough night with severe migraine and abdo pain . I am now back in my lovely room, struggling to get my 2 allocated cups of water down. I still feel yuck, but with the continous painkillers I am hoping for a better day tomorrow x