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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    After being at goal for over 4 years my closet is stuffed. I went a little overboard. But it was just so much fun I couldn't help myself.

    But now that I'm retired, I need to start donating some things. Plus stuff is going out of style. My daughter says now you have to wear high-waisted jeans!! Who'd of known?
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    Sounds like you are right on track! 2019 is going to be a miraculous year for you! Merry Christmas!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Although it is only 2 kg your body could have changed more than you realize. That is totally not uncommon throughout the sleeve journey. Merry Christmas to you as well Ellie! Glad you had such a great vacation!
  4. AnnieG's Avatar
    I find my scales upstairs is within 1 lb either way of PC, cardiology, gym and hospital. However, what I'm wearing and what I've eaten the night before show up more quickly -- or maybe I just didn't notice when I retained water...

    How wonderful you had a lesser number! I would go with that one!
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    Scales are horribly inaccurate. I would go with your doctor's scale, or maybe one at the gym.
  6. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I sometimes weigh myself on any scale I pass...lol... You'll find your comfort zone in the weighing department and as the other brilliant folks said, "As long as it's going down" you're good to go!
    Continued success!
  7. Christie13's Avatar
    Way to go Ellie!! It does not matter which scale is right as long as they are both moving in the right direction!! And I weigh myself often, too!
  8. nlee's Avatar
    That's awesome! I'd go with the gym scale!!
  9. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yayyyyy you're nearly there Elllie xxxx
  10. elllie's Avatar
    Thanks all for the support. I do weigh myself daily, in fact I am obsessive and weigh myself morning, noon and night everyday. I also weigh myself at the gym on a a boditrax machine that measures your body fat percentage, bone mass, water, weight, muscle mass etc and that I do every week to two weeks. I liked the scale at the gym but will be following the scale at home or the boditrax. I have 11kg to lose until my goal weight, but it is only 6 months since my surgery. ��
  11. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Haha. Any scale that shows a loss is a good scale!
    I think the key is to weigh yourself on the same scale at the same time of the day if you can.
    I weigh daily (I need to keep myself accountable) every morning at the same time. That way I get consistent readings.
    Sometime the scale doesn't move much for days and then suddenly drops quite a bit.
    Keep up the good work.
  12. sraebaer's Avatar
    I would think your gym scale is more accurate than a home scale. But seeing numbers go down on any scale is fantastic! Sounds like you're doing great.
  13. Dutchie's Avatar
    That is a great scale!
    Can't you take it home? lol
  14. TheSassWay's Avatar
    Yay! Way to go Ellie!! Keep up the great work! I can't wait until I go shopping for new clothes , as of right now, I'm shopping in my closet! By the way, I'm finding the clothes that I couldn't get into before, I can now fit but they are already too big! So, I know my day for shopping is coming, trying to hold off as long as possible. I totally agree with the bowel movement, most time it's nonexistence.
  15. AnnieStillG's Avatar
    Clothes shopping - I'd rather take a beating. Never liked shopping at any weight for any one for any reason. LOVE on line. I do like the way my clothes fit, however.

    I've the opposite bathroom issue....
  16. Stacey03's Avatar
    Clothes shopping is so exciting Elllie! I did the same as you when I first bought a few things and bought them too tight, they soon fitted. Bowels... gahhhhh, I have had a little bit of constipation lately and it's unpleasant! So worth it though, I shall eat more prunes! So good to hear you enjoying life x
  17. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yay for you! You are doing really well.
    I too now love clothes shopping. I am just about where I want to be but am still having to buy smaller clothes as my body shape changes. I'm still buying from discount stores but am loving looking at size 12 (NZ) as opposed to size 22!
    Have to agree on the bowel issues. I am still having to take stool softeners nearly 12 months out. Mind you if that is the worst thing that I have to do it's really not that bad :-)
    Happy shopping!
  18. jess7181's Avatar
    Keep it up!!!
  19. MsLisa71's Avatar
    Good on you! That was a lot of hard work to make those changes!
  20. Christie13's Avatar
    My hubby had a personal trainer friend create a work out plan for us. It is 3 different days and then a rest day then it repeats. We have our own machine at home and follow our plan. The results have been fabulous. I feel strong and amazing!!
    As for still thinking you look big. I kind of go back and forth from thinking I still look big or that I look too thin. It is something we need to learn to readjust our eyes.
  21. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Elllie, I love my PT too! I think it would be great to drink a half of protein shake before your session and half after. That would be enough. I actually do most of my PT and crossfit sessions fasted as I go at 5.30 am but that just works for me, I have a protein shake afterwards.
    If I ever do an afternoon session though I have either a whole protein shake or a handful of nuts and a mejool date before I go. I seem to do okay :-)
  22. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Way to go! I hate the gym and am concentrating on walking and if the weather is too horrible (it's Winter here) exercycle at the moment. I have a set of dumb bells but haven't quite got the enthusiasm to get into a routine with them yet - and I really need to.
    Can't help with the food suggestions other than perhaps adding a protein shake before or after your workout. I'm sure someone with some experience in this will be along soon to help out.
  23. sraebaer's Avatar
    I loved my personal PT but had to quit it was SO EXPENSIVE.
  24. The North Sleeve's Avatar
    Keep up the good work. Whats even worse is being called morbidly obese!!!!
  25. Christie13's Avatar
    Fabulous Ellie!!! Isn't it so funny to be happy about being overweight?! I remember when I became overweight and was ecstatic. I was even happier when I entered into the healthy BMI category. You are on your way!!!
  26. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yahoo. Keep up the good work!
  27. Bleeve's Avatar
    Way to go!!! :-)
  28. jess7181's Avatar
  29. elllie's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your kind words and ongoing support. Yes being overweight is much better than being obese, it even sounds better.
  30. AnnieG's Avatar
    Isn't it a truly wonderful benchmark! Congratulations.
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