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  1. feeling great!

    HI! The weather here in the UK is fantastic and it helps to lift the spirit up. I have sat outside at the pool and it felt like I was abroad on holiday. I am feeling really great and am now getting back into gym more seriously. I started with the personal trainer and boy did I feel it for 2 days afterwards, as I don't think certain muscles had been used for ages. I have also started playing tennis more regularly and running around the court is certainly much easier. I have had some fantastic comments ...
  2. dietitian visit

    I saw the dietitian today and she was very happy with my progress. I am happy to say that she told me I am way ahead of where they expected me to be at this stage. I am apparently ahead of what is expected of bypass surgery people. I am so happy with this news, as I was worried I was not losing enough. She would like me to sort out my bowel problems though. She said I can try and increase my food consumption, but she is happy with what I am eating. I said I just try and listen to what my body needs. ...
  3. 6 week check

    Yesterday I went to see the surgeon for the first time since the operation and he was very happy with my progress and healing. I am feeling great and allot more confident, I can actually look at myself in a mirror. I don't mind going out and people seeing me. I have had to tell a few white lies when people have asked me how I have lost weight. Its only half a lie though, as I say I am on a very low calorie diet, which in effect this is. I also played tennis for the first time since surgery and although ...
  4. 7 weeks post op today!

    7 weeks have passed since I had my sleeve and what a journey with lots of ups and downs so far. I have lost 22.8kg ( 50.16 pounds or 31/2 stone) and feel like a new person, even though I have allot more to lose. I have had some fantastic days where I have felt on top of the world and some days where i wish I had't had the surgery. This week was one of the weekends where I wish I had not had surgery, as I had major problems with my bowels. TG it is all sorted now and I feel back to normal. I am ...
  5. no appetite

    It now 41/2 weeks since my surgery and I have been on puree food for 4 days. However i can't face the food and don't feel like eating at all. In fact i don't even feel like drinking. I am forcing myself to, but I feel bloated when i do. Does anyone have any advice. I have done very well so far. In fact I got rid of my biggest sizes, as I am now 2 sizes down. x
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