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  1. Nothing Tastes as Good as “Skinny” Feels

    Yeah, whatever. That statement might be true if “Skinny Feels” is the name of a person who is dipped in chocolate.

    So my pancreatic attack from last week may not have been a pancreatic attack after all. Granted it took almost 24 hours to resolve, which is longer than a bout of gas or indigestion, but it didn’t require hospitalization, which is good news. My primary physician wanted me to go to the ER, but I just didn’t feel as though the pain really warranted it. Besides, I knew they’d ...
  2. All Pain, No Gain

    Oh. My. God.

    My stomach is killing me right now. Actually, I don’t know if it’s my stomach or my pancreas again. What I DO know is that I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to. I followed my diet word for word today. I made lobster, filet and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner, and cheesecake for dessert (have I mentioned that I’m a chef by trade?). Anyhoo, I made all that food and didn’t eat one bite because my tummy hurts so bad.

    I’m scared it might be the pancreatitis ...
  3. Dude, Are You Serious???

    So this past week I’ve been transitioning from purées to soft foods, with the addition of well-chewed meat.

    According to The Binder (provided by my surgeon), I should be eating certain foods in specific quantities.

    For example, for breakfast I can have 1/4 cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.

    Then a mid-morning protein shake.

    Then lunch, which is 1/4 cup of protein (or one scrambled egg) and 1/4 cup of banana.

  4. The Way I See It...

    Many of us had our procedures done by different surgeons, and therefore have different pre- and post-op instructions. I'm roughly one month post surgery (it's important to note that I had an endoscopic procedure, not laparoscopic or bypass), and i thought I'd offer my meager input thus far...

    First off, I'm lactose intolerant, a fact I just discovered a week after my surgery. Prior to that realization, I had been using EAS Whey Protein, which (to me), tastes like chocolate spackle. ...
  5. My Own Worst Enemy

    (It’s me. I’m my own worst enemy).

    See, the problem I was having is that I couldn’t tell when I was full. Sounds weird, I know. But there was no bloating or icky stuffed feeling to warn me, so I’d nibble a little more. Eventually I stopped myself because common sense told me to (I do have common sense. It’s just slow and likes to pick its battles). I still lost weight- about 1.5 last week, but I wasn’t exercising yet because of the exhaustion. I had only been home a week at that point ...
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