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  1. My inner demons trying take over

    I have to say the one thing I find since having surgery is how emotionally taxing it can be. Iím finding my old demons wanting to come out and try to rip me up. I know Iíve been working hard to overcome them, but some days I wonder if I ever will. Iím grateful for my family who does support my decision to get sleeved. Also want those who are struggling emotionally right now since surgery to know that we all have our little demons and that itís okay not to be perfect. Enjoy who you are. You are wonderful ...
  2. What are the secrets to keeping your energy after you return to work?

    Help! I'm in need of advice in regard to keeping my energy after I returned to work. I stayed home 6 weeks post op and my energy level was amazing, now that I returned to work, I am having some difficulty keeping up with the demands of my workplace. It is to the point that if I don't find a fix I may have to go back off of work in order to figure that out, and that really isn't an option. Please help.