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  1. Bad decision and lesson

    Today our after church group went somewhere new for breakfast. I thought "hmm, if I'm careful, I can boldy go...." so I ordered 1 scrambled egg, no butter; 1 piece of crispy bacon (meticulously patted free of any grease) and a blue berry crepe. Or I thought it was.

    It was blueberry with cream cheese, and for no reason known to human kind, lemon. About 20 minutes into careful slow eating, I started to "gurgle" and gave my husband the cue to leave....

    Today has been one of those epiphany days (as opposed to theophany days, which I always enjoy more). In talking with a dear friend I was rather curious as to how she perceives me. Not offended mind you, just always surprised. She describes me as "devout and funny". Not. bad things, just unexpected.

    How differently one perceives oneself as to how one is seen in the world, even among those who are close to us. My HS friends describe me as "sweet, kind and thoughtful". ...