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  1. Waves of disappointment

    HaHa I just looked back at my last blog post about how things were about to start happening to me now! That was in November. That was right before things stopped happening as far as progress in my bariatric services office. If I can offer one little morsel of advice above all others - DO NOT rely on anyone to verify your insurance, make appointments, follow up on labs - NOTHING! Give yourself a time limit - wait 3 days, then call yourself. I would be a month into recovery if I had done this ...
  2. Swimming, Swimming

    Getting closer - now it is just down to these final details of getting stuff turned in. I have had the tests, gotten the clearances, but have to wait on the final approval and then I will get my surgery date. Funny, I had planned to go on a cruise for Christmas, but then I heard that our insurance at work was changing, so I went into high gear to get my surgery before the end of the year, and I am not even upset about missing the cruise. I am much more excited about getting started on this journey ...
  3. A Seahorse's Journey with the Sleeve

    So...I have decided to do this thing. It took about a year to decide, and now that I am over 100 lb above my adjusted body weight, it'is about time!

    I have decided to be a seahorse on my journey, floating through the sometimes scary waters....because it is better than being what I actually am... a fat dietitian. I have actually had patients tell me that I need to lead by example. Boy will I be happy when some of those same patients can see a difference in my weight!