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  1. 12 week update

    Gosh those weeks fly by fast don't they?
    So 12 weeks and 17kg down if anyone is interested. To be honest the weight loss is not something I am obsessive about, I know it will go and I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist about it. I might lose them in the surf but that's another story :-)
    I've just loved this journey and the only thing that was annoying about it was the 6 weeks of tiredness at the start. Pregnancy style tiredness, so I just took to my bed frequently and decided ...
  2. Week 10 update

    Errrrmygawd what can I say... I am loving my sleeve!!! It is the best thing I ever did. Everything seems pretty much back to normal now. My energy really returned after week 6, it was tough going until then but now I'm back running and back at the gym and 16kg down. I really feel fortunate and want to pinch myself. Life is sweet for sure.

    I am eating delicious seafood quite often. I do eat some meat too but my preference is seafood. Luckily we have some of the nicest seafood here ...
  3. Love from the Sunshine Coast

    Some pics from the sunny coast and holiday times. Lots of hilly runs :-)
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  4. 8 weeks post op update

    Hallo Possums,
    So 8 weeks post op already! The time flies doesn't it?!
    Well so far I've lost around 14kg so around 30 pounds. Hurrah! I've got about 9kg to go to my first goal weight and then I might choose to drop another 5kg. But regardless it is all wonderful and fun and it has got so much better week by week.

    As I've said in the past the first few weeks are a bit up and down and the tiredness is gahhhhhh, but it improves and i have felt a lot more energy of late. ...
  5. Christmas Day in Australia

    Happy Christmas my friends. We are just coming to the end of the day and have now switched the aircon off and flung the windows open! We had a very traditional English Christmas dinner and everybody was delighted. Such a lovely day to spend with family and lots of joy and love.
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    May your christmas day be beautiful xxx
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