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  1. Touching Base

    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to express my gratitude for the well wishes everyone displayed through this difficult time - and what a difficult time it has been.

    I will once again be MIA as of Monday due to the fact that I am leaving town for my mother's hometown to take of some much needed business that she has left behind.

    Know that you are all in my thoughts, and that I haven't forgotten about any of you. This has simply been a time consuming process, and ...
  2. I've Had A Rough Go of Things Lately

    I want to apologize for my absence as of late. It has been complete chaos around the home, and as such I have been made to deal with some things that were not only unexpected, but somewhat devastating. Allow me to briefly explain...

    I received a phone call from someone in my family whose sole purpose was to to inform me of the passing of my Mother. I won't get in to all of the sordid details surrounding said phone call, but I will say that I was a little caught off guard by this news. ...
  3. Here's Your Sign

    So...my wife and I were out shopping earlier today when I thought I might take it upon myself to look for a scale. My thought regarding this matter was "what if I want to take a peek now and again?" My wife was against it from the moment I had the idea, and you want to know something? She was right.

    We looked all over the store for a scale - any kind of scale for that matter - and could not find a single one. I found this interesting in light of my most recent revelation. ...
  4. 9 Months Post-op (and other off topic subjects)

    Well, it would seem I have missed my 9 month post-op anniversary, but it was for good reason.

    I was on vacation in Minnesota over the course of the past couple of days. My wife and I (along with my mother-in-law) spent the past two days in Minneapolis wherein we took in a Boston Red Sox/Minnesota Twins baseball game!

    To say this was a good time was the understatement of the season. Although my beloved Red Sox ultimately lost with a final score of 6-2, I had the time ...
  5. Dead to Me (R.I.P. Electronic Scale)

    As the title of this blog post implicates, the digital scale my wife and I were using has finally stopped working. What I thought was a simple battery fix is in all actuality the result of water inadvertently dripping into the numbers reader. From that moment on, it will only read "error."

    "Error." I have to laugh at that because no truer statement could come from that monstrosity of electronic garb. It had become the bane of my existence, and as such, I found ...
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