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  1. Jan time to get focused

    I had been ahead of the curve. I have lost 55lbs down 247 last visit however dr says i lost only 4lbs this month and should have lost 10 so now between jan to april i am to loose average 30 lbs. before i would say hahaha ya right however i have noticed after my cruise i did do some things i should not be doing like eating cereal or a little more helpings .. and well .. time to smack my hands say NOOOO stay on track went back to gym. took dog for walk and actually ran w/ her as well .. so fingers ...
  2. Forgetfullness???

    has anyone else come across not remembering many things even after being told a few times as of lately after surgery it seems worse my husband is starting to say (questioning how much im actually paying attention, ) because of how much im forgetting and he never has been disrespectful to me i know he wants me to just pay attention but i write it down loose the paper or misplace etc.. great example also today is i found a remote we have lost for a few months now and said woots omg omy and then turned ...

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  3. so much to say ... loose weight what to eat got ninja belender ..

    hey all yesterday was my post op appt im down to 267 now woots from 301 when i saw him in augs before the pre opt diet.
    im going to start puree diet on the 20th and kinda worried what to blend what not to blend is fresh food better then frozen ? should it be things like chicken turkey and or other things and stay w/ the amount they say for eating during this time or should i be also counting calories and how do i really do that .. if doing fresh things just all the little things im starting ...
  4. Surgery 9-27-17

    I went through my surgery. as some of you know my throat had been acting up a little and right side i let doctors know what i had been feeling at that point the right side had not been acting up that day but my throat had been still.
    before going in they had me check weight and omg it was crazy i was down to 276 so when my dr saw me he said nicely done i saw you in aug you was 301 and now 276 just from the liquid diet how you feel. i said hungry hahah but great feeling. I still was skeptical ...
  5. Before and After picts

    so I have noticed since Dec 2016 to Sept 2017 before surgery I have started loosing the double chin .. even from augs which i did not post because i was in my bikini top and .. well dont think my husband would appreciate it lol.
    today my emotions have been all over the place.. odly thinking after surgery how long will it be for being intimate w/ the husband will it be a month .. or longer .. i am going on a cruise in end of oct some say ill be fine some from reading dont seem i may be .. ...
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