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  1. End of Sept

    So it's taken me a few weeks to get in the swing of things. Trying to live normal life but with the twist of being sleeved. I eat like my 2 year old. A mainstay has been puréed or finely chipped chicken salad, popsicle, soup, bananas. In this phase it's supposed to be puréed. I'm moving slowly to soft foods. Still not liking protein shakes. So I'm struggling to get in enough calories. I'm very happy with my decision. At the end of Sept I was down 20 lbs and had the surgery on Sept 13. 20 down, ...
  2. Surgery Day 9/14/2017 thru post op day 3

    Surgery went fine. My anxiety was high the morning of, I shared that with the med team and they gave me something to calm me. I was awake when they rolled me to OR but a few breaths of the mask and I don't remember a thing. Woke up in recovery hurting which I expressed and was quickly given meds and back to sleep again. Woke up in my room and received routine meds for pain, nausea, acid reflux. Narcotic pain med was not good for me as it made me dry heave. So I stuck with routine Tylenol. Start ...