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  1. 18 Days Post Surgery

    Getting used to the new schedule of getting as many fluids in me whether it be liquid Protein or water or Gatorade for electrolytes. There is a lot of sipping throughout the day. I wake up in the mornings an hour early just to designate it to getting in 17 oz of water and my vitamins. Then I move to liquid protein shake which is only 11 oz but that takes almost an hour as I start it at work. Then have to start water again until 1/2 hour before I plan to eat some sort of solid protein either cottage ...
  2. 7 Days and Counting!

    I am 7 days out today and nerves are getting the best of me. I am starting to experience stomach acid and lack of sleep. I have caught a cold just a week ago and not getting much rest is starting to make my cold get worse. I have to get rid of the cold to go to Mexico to get this procedure done. I am lucky enough to have Brandi joining me as she has gone through the surgery 2 years ago and has lost 150 lbs - that is a Success Story in itself! She looks amazing and will be a huge help getting me ...