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  1. Surgery

    I posted my situation of having an invasive surgery for diverticulitis and a fistula dated 9-3-17. I was admitted to Cooper hospital in NJ which is an hour away from me. I spent 7 days there with an infection/diverticulitis. They were going to do the surgery but decided they would wait until the infection cleared up. The reason I had to travel so far is no one will do this invasive surgery where I live. So, I'm discharged with antibiotics and after 2 weeks I did my follow up with my surgeon to get ...
  2. Surgery

    Hello everyone! Here's my story. Starting in 2010 I started dieting to lose weight for knee surgery. I did not want to lose it fast so I really took my time. It took 7 yrs. to get 40 lbs.off but I felt it was going in the right direction. Doctors discovered a fistula and I have diverticulitis. With the fistula, my colon is attaching to my bladder and has created a hole in my bladder and it triggers diverticulitis attacks. My surgeon told me in July 2016, I had to have Bariatric surgery to make surgery ...
  3. Stagnant weight loss

    My surgery was on April 26, 2017 and I've lost 57 lbs. But now I'm stagnant for 2 weeks. Any suggestions or advise on how to "move the scale"? I'm a little frustrated and I'm not doing anything different. HELP!
  4. Drinking Water

    Hello all! I was told I should be drinking 64 ozs. a day of water. I'm lucky to get 16 ozs. How do I do this? Help!