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  1. having a lil bit of an issue

    ok soi had my suergery about 3&1/2 months ago. now i know that at first there seems to be some problem with constipation but at this point i havent been( i mean reallylet it out) for a couple weeks . ive taken all kinds of stuff to make me go. but i just cant get it all out . has this happened to any one else before?

    sorry i havent been around for a while but ive been super busy to where i cant even see straight. plus it seems that now i cant stay awake passed 9-10 ...
  2. How things went with surgery

    Hi I'm Marty I am a mother of one of my own in three step daughters I just really wanted to come back on here I hadn't been on here since before my surgery date which was October the 20th 2017 I just wanted to say that things went just fine like I didn't have any problems that I know of during surgery or anything of that nature I was a little weaker when when coming out of surgery I threw up a little bit and it has been hard for me to get my liquids in but I am still trying and I'm starting to feel ...
  3. the start of the end!!!!

    today is the day that i start my low calorie meals . protein drinks and the rest liquids during the day and a small low calorie dinner at night. today will be the first day of the rest of my life . things really just got real for me. in 2 months i will be 44yrs old. along with having a whole lot of health issues i have got to turn things around for myself. and that all starts today. so wish me luck, ttyl
  4. 60 days and counting

    So as of today I just realized I have 60 days to the T for my procedure.I'm very excited as well as scared shitless. I have been absorbing everything that I can as far as things to do, things to expect and things that just come however whatever. I think that I'm just anxious and ready for it to come you know my day to come and get here and be over with is this a normal feeling? how do or how did you react knowing that you only had 60 days left? two months that's all....
  5. Im so scared of failing!!!!

    i have my date already. but the problem for me is knowing when to start doing a low calorie diet. i was only told to do a liquid diet for 5 days before my procedure. they never said anything about doing a low calorie diet or anything else for prior to surgery.

    Also my next issue is that my family at home is not very supportive of anything. I have already been mentioning the fact that im not supposed to be eating any beef or pork. but the more that i express any of this ...
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