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  1. Band to sleeve

    Quote Originally Posted by Backtobeingme View Post
    Hello I'm back wondering how you're getting on. I had the band removed January 2018 they would do the revision at the same time. I have a date for surgery 20th March start luver diet 27th feb nervous and excited st the same tine . Hope youre doin3well x
  2. Finally have a date

    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiGal View Post
    Excited is good, nervous is normal.

    I only told my partner (of course) and 3 selected best friends (of over 40 years!).
    I wasn't about to open myself up to any negativity or misguided information from people who had no idea what the surgery was all about.
    I'm a bit more open about it now - but I choose who I tell.
    There are some people that I will never tell - even if they ask me directly - and I didn't tell anyone at work.
    It's your business and yours