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  1. Update from the sleep doc

    I went to get my results from the sleep study- instead of waiting for a doctor, I was able to see a nurse practitioner months earlier. She reviewed my results-- I have mild obstructive sleep apnea, which she said meant that I stopped breathing less than 15 times per hour. (I actually stop a little over 10/hour). Moderate would be 15-30, and severe would be 30+. She asked more questions and ultimately recommended that I wear a CPAP machine. I know it will be rough to wear it, but I'm so excited ...
  2. Drink recommendations from a friend

    A friend recommended these drinks (posting here so I don't forget):


    Snapple Diet Lemon

    Going to try some soon!
  3. "Are you pregnant?"

    Today I have one of my 8-year-old son's friends over for a playdate/homework date. I got them settled on their word work, and then retreat to my office to prepare for a meeting tonight. The friend needs help with something, so I come back in the room. As I walk in, I see him looking at my belly. He asks-- "Are you pregnant?" I say no, I'm just fat.
    A few minutes later, his pencil breaks. I go back to my office to grab a fresh pencil, but as I return I see he's already found ...
  4. Learning to advocate for myself

    I realized that instead of just waiting for the far-away follow-up appointment to officially get my sleep study results, I should call back and see if there were any cancellations or earlier appointments. When I called, I explained my situation (quickly) and the scheduler said that they have a nurse practitioner who is available THIS WEEK to review results. I almost fell off my chair. How awesome would it be to get the results sooner? Rather than 2 months from now? So-- I have an appointment ...
  5. Sleep Study completed! I have sleep apnea but don't know any details.

    I had my sleep study April 23-24th. It was held in a hotel a few minutes from my home. I didn't know what to expect when I went. I arrived at the same time as another woman, and we were put in separate rooms. I brought my own pillow and blanket because I figured I'd sleep better with familiar things from home. I got there at 8pm. I filled out some paperwork about my sleeping habits and then they left me alone for a while- they said that they had to have me hooked up by midnight for insurance ...
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