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  1. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    Ok, so here we go....the after pictures, now 14 weeks post surgery


    Ironically the "before" pictures are with my surgeon, I forgot to take any on the day of surgery as it was 21 December, the hospital's last day of surgery before Christmas, and I was in at 7:30am. No sooner as I arrived and the surgeon was marking me up with a felt pen and it was off to theatre.

    Bit of a rush!

    I should get the "before" pictures next week so will share then.
  2. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    Evening all,

    My apologies for not checking in sooner

    This week will be 9 weeks post opp. The wounds have healed up well, just a case of time for the “redness” in the scars to fade and my chest hair to grow back & cover the ones from the gynomastic reduction.

    I’m still very swollen around the waist, and when I sneeze it hurst the muscles.

    Hopefully back to normal in another 4-6 weeks, am missing the gym!
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Oh my what a journey! I'm so glad you are on the further side of it. I am sure you will look back and know it was so worth it. I have to say I think you are quite brave. I've had some work done (post cancer) and it was incredibly painful and at 66, I just can't think of doing it again. I can certainly understand wanting to -- but I'm a chicken for certain sure!
  4. Ann2's Avatar
    Somehow I missed seeing this thread, but am happy to hear you're doing so well post-op, English Gentleman. Congratulations!
  5. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    Apologies for not checking in and updating this blog for a few weeks.

    I started going back into the office last week, 3 days in total. Really tired me out walking to and from the train station and to the office.

    The wounds are healing really well and the swelling is going down too.

    Yesterday I was at the hospital for a dressing change and wound check, the nurse commented how well the healing was going and that she thought I’d lost weight, a nice compliment!

    I suspect the weight loss is down to fluid / swelling reducing.

    As a matter of fact one week after my operation I weighted myself and was 1lb heavier than the day of the operation, beer in mind the surgeon removed around 5lbs of skin and liposuction fat so that gives an indicTion of how much fluid and swelling there was!

    Things are going well, I still can’t fasten the button on my jeans due to the swelling. Indeed for work I had to buy new trousers 4” bigger on the waste than I usually wear, but then have to wear braces to hold them up - means no pressure on the waistline and wounds.

    Pain wise has been very well, hardly taking pain killers now.

    In hindsight I was too blasť about the operation and the severity of it and also the time needed for recovery.

    I was lucky work wise that I could work from home for almost two weeks, aside from a trip into London to meet the lawyers on a company matter.

    I’d recommend to anyone considering this to consider taking a month off and, and having a very kind spouse around to help with things.

    I will update again when the compression vest can be disposed of, mid Feb.

    By then I should be able to post some pics of how I look, but as it stands now it looks pretty good.

    I’m looking forward to my summer vacation in Sicily this year!
  6. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Bugger that you had this setback but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. Just think how fabulous you are going to look :-)
  7. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    HYN to one and all.

    Well, todays been rather eventful...

    I bent over and basically the wound in my back opened up quite a bit, a gape. I went back to the hospital and the dresing was changed, thankfully all clean and no infections.

    I have to go back Thursday for a minor surgery, the plastic surgeon will stitch me back together.

    Unsurprisingly I’m rather upset with this setback. I have been told to take things very easy over the next few weeks.

  8. Christie13's Avatar
    That is awesome. Skin removal is painful but as long as the results are great it is worth it. Hope you get to crack those walnuts. Keep us posted with how you like your final results. Happy New Year my friend.
  9. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    One week post op.

    The pain has subsided massively, compared with the beginning of the week it is fine.

    Thankfully no drains were left in post surgery, I was just wrapped up very tightly in a corset type arrangement.

    Today I went back to hospital to have my dressings changed. This was a rather unplesent experience as I discovered my chest handn’t been sufficiently shaved pre-op so large clumps of hair came off which was eye watering painful.

    My advice here would be, get yourself waxed beforehand.

    Thankfully, and most importantly, the wounds are healing very well without any complications.

    I still have a substantial amount of swelling in the abdominal area so it will be quite a few weeks (likely 2-3 months) before all of that has gone and the final results are visible and fully appreciated.

    I am now wearing a compression vest rather than the elasticated corset that I was wrapped up in after surgery, this feels a whole lot more comfortable, the latter chaffing my armpits into quite a sorry state.

    I am even contemplating going to the local pub tonight with a friend of mine, after being housebound all week I’m in need of a bit of R&R, but something in the back of my mind is telling me to not go out and stick to getting better, oh first world problems...
  10. AnnieG's Avatar
    You are far braver than I! I've had so many surgeries (no choice ones) and a double mastectomy; at 66 I think I shall live with the extra skin.

    So glad you are feeling a bit better; liquids will help with the constipation, and also with getting rid of that loggy feeling from anesthetic. Please post photos when you're ready!
  11. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    6 days post surgery...

    The pain is easing off, last night I was able to sleep laid down which was much nicer than sat up!

    Some things I didn’t mention. They didn’t give me a drain, just wrapped me up very tight in a compression corset, which is starting to itch - I am glad I didn’t have the operation in summertime as it would be very uncomfortable wearing this in heat.

    The other thing is constipation due to the general anaesthetic, not pleasant at the best of times. The hospital did give me lacotives which are helping, but in hindsight it would have been better to start taking them a couple of days beforehand.

    I’m back in hospital tomorrow to have my wounds checked and dressings changed, looking forward to seeing what’s been done to me
  12. denzel's Avatar
    Crikey charlie! They're discharging you on day 3??
    I think that was the day they discontinued my IV "Patient Controlled Analagesia" *sob sob*, and took out my urinary catheter.
    I was in for, I think, about 5 days, as my abdominal drains were still draining, and even then it was a bit "ho-hum", and I chucked up the antinflammatory.
    Once home I - providentially - had a toilet/shower chair with arms on at home that I was able to put over the loo (I use it in the shower when I am unwell).
    I CAN'T remember using the heavy duty oral pain relief once I was home though.
    I hope that your your family pamper you!
  13. denzel's Avatar
    Good on you for getting the work done!
    I had an abdominoplasty/half body lift/brachioplasty at the end of 2015. And I agree with you. Oh! The pain! But I "sucked it up" as it was me who chose to have that surgery, and it was me who had needed a VSG. The surgeon didn't weigh my skin removed, as it was just skin, no fat. And after I recovered, it was so worth it! I have the best arms and abdomen I have had all my adult life, if it wasn't for my thighs (next on my hit-list, just need lotsa dosh!), I'd look great in a bikini!
    And the joys of wearing sleeveless cotton dresses in Perth (Western Australia) stinking hot summers
    My blog is on http://www.bandingtogether.com.au, same username 'denzel', and my before pics are on there *Warning* they are graphic.
    All the best for an uneventful recovery!
    As soon as I could mobilise, I did. Lots. Including walking around the hospital perimeter carrying three drains in a bag.
  14. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    I wish Iíd spent a few more nights in hospital, basically the pain relief they gave me to take home isnít up to much Vs what you can get in the hospital, although may be different your side of the pond.
  15. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    The pain tonight is terrible, bloody hell I underestimated how bad it would be!
  16. goestogym's Avatar
    Congratulations on the new you! Iíll be doing a mommy makeover sometime in 2019 , I had vsg in 2013. Iím having the procedures done in Sacramento California which is 2 hours away from my home. I was told to spend a couple of nights in a nearby hotel and on the way back home to make sure to stop every 15-20 minutes for a short walk as Iíll be at an increased risk for blood clots. Enjoy the holidays with your family and try to get up and move
  17. Sandra3's Avatar
    I wish you a fast and easy recovery! Take care!