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  1. Body Lift Post VSG

    Still in hospital, the pain is as to be expected, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

    Somehow during surgery some liquid (which I assume was for cleaning my skin) went onto my scrotum and made it red roar, really sore so am having to apply baby rash cream!

    Yesterday the nurse had to put some additional dressing on part of the wound so I got see part of what the surgeon did when the nurse took off part of the corset - VERY FLAT tummy looks :-)

    And my buttocks feel ...
  2. Body Lift Post VSG

    Quote Originally Posted by EnglishGentleman View Post
    So am am now in the hospital. Surgery started around 0930 GMT and I was in the recovery room waking from the anaesthetic at 1245

    I am not going to sugar coat this, it really hurts. Fully body lift and moob job (English slang for man boobs).

    Just over 2KG of skin removed from around my belt line, and 600mL of fat liposuctioned out of my moobs before them being “fixed” (600mL = 1.055 imperial pint!)

    In aggregate he said all of this would add up to around