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  1. Miralax???

    I am 1 month post op and am having discomfort due to constipation. Of course it's a holiday weekend or else I would call the doctor. Nothing painful just a full feeling. He
    Does anyone know if Miralax is OK to use?
  2. Only 100 lbs to go!

    I started my walking yesterday! 18 days post-op. I walked 2.2 miles for 45 minutes. It felt great! I have so much more energy and spring in my step minus the 35 lbs I have lost since starting this journey in December. I have lost 15 LBS since surgery. I know 100lbs is a lot but I know I can do it! I know that I can lose weight if I watch my diet and walk. I have done it before. The difference this time is that i have my sleeve for support! I do not even miss the junk I used to eat. I FEEL so good ...
  3. 2 days out update

    Hi friends!
    Well, I wanted to tell you all how well I am doing! I had my surgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital by Dr. Richard Borse and it couldn't have gone any better! All the nurses were so kind and understanding. They helped me relax during the pre-op phase from 5 to 7:30 am which is when I had to be there and what time the surgery was (I was first one of the day). I just kept thinking of how everyone here and the 4 people I know kept saying that it was the best thing they ever did. I trusted ...
  4. Anyone heavier post-op?

    Hi all,
    My surgery on Fri August 4th went smoothly. I got home yesterday at 11 am. My question is this....pre-op I weighed 275lbs and this morning I weigh 282.2! Does gas weigh that much??? I had some Won Ton soup last night at 7 ( minus wontons , of course) maybe it was the salt in that. My family ordered take out and I got soup and didn't feel left out at all! Good thing I have always loved soup. Of course I know the scale will come down. I was just surprised at the number is all. I I ...
  5. Tomorrow is my day!!

    Hi all,
    We'll I made it through the pre-op diet! Down about 15 LBS IN 2 weeks! It was hard and yes I cheated a little but, with only bites of food. Not hog wild! I am SO tired of thinking about this procedure and being nervous! I am at "whatever". I have to be at the hospital that is 50 minutes away, at 5:00 AM!!! I am the first one scheduled tomorrow!! Yeah!!! I won't have to worry all day but I will get to recuperate all day! The time is OK. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight ...
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