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  1. Peeing post op...

    I am 12 days post op. I am drinking my water and I know I am not dehydrated based on my urine color. I drink more water now than I ever have before yet I never pee! I used to pee once an hour or two and now it's like 3 times a day. I asked the PA in the surgeons office and she had no answer for me. I've heard this is common post op but did anyone get an explanation why?
  2. The fatigue is unreal... 5 days post op

    5 days post op and doing great. Pain Is subsiding, no issues with nausea, getting protein and liquids in and losing weight fast - down to 197 from 206 day of surgery! But the fatigue is unreal! I feel like a zombie! I have no energy and two little kids who have a ton of it. Please tell me this will end soon!
  3. The final stretch...

    Surgery is in 5 days. I had my pre-surgical testing and was medically cleared by doctor. Tick, tock, tick, tock. In laws are flying in on Monday to help care for my littles while I recover. I have dropped 14 pounds on pre-op diet and I am so excited about post op. Only 84 more pounds to goal!!!

    Did you lose as fast post op as on the pre-op diet? I am only taking in about 800 calories a day these last few weeks so I am assuming the weight loss will be similar.

  4. Day 2 pre-op liquid

    Tell me it gets easier... I have a headache from the lack of caffeine and hunger. Only ten more days to go.