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  1. Another Stall

    Can't believe it, I'm in another stall. It's been going on for over a week now. It's my second stall and I just can't seem to beat it. I've tried more exercise, more food, less food - nothing works. I started on solid foods and I know my body is getting used to it but I'm tired of being patient. My nutritionist is useless in terms of giving me ideas that would help me.

    I see my surgeon today and I haven't lost a lot of weight since I last saw him. I'm so bummed I can't stand ...
  2. 2 Days To Go - Being Tested By Stress

    I've got 2 days to go until surgery and what a stress ride it has been. Two weeks ago I broke a tooth and had it pulled (money out, lots of pain). Then, 5 days ago, the spouse needed new tires and they are expensive (money out, lots of pain). THEN, yesterday, had plumping problems and basement floored (money out, lots and lots of pain).

    I wonder if a greater Being is trying to toughen me up for the operation. Actually, it's having the opposite effect. I'm extremely stressed, ...
  3. One Daya Before Pre-op Diet, 2 Weeks Before Surgery

    My doctor gave me 3 pre-op diet options: all protein shakes, or only lean meat and veggies, or a mix of both. I really want to lose some weight and I'm not sure what option will be best for me. My plan for now is to start out with the shakes and trade off with the meal plan, on every other day. But, I wish I knew which option would be the best for me. What a pain.

    I've been on pain meds since my tooth extractions and I'm so sick of it. I want the pain to stop so that I don't ...