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  1. Tomorrow I join the losers bench!

    Its been a long struggle, but finally got approved for surgery after my strokes. I have watched my daughter lose 97lbs in 7 months and looks amazing. I can not wait to see changes coming. Please say a pray that all goes well tomorrow!
  2. Surgery delay!!

    My surgery was canceled on the 2nd. By my nerologist. She wants a Mri and TEE done before surgery. I am getting frustrated but i guess better safe than sorry. On the bright side my daughter had hers on the 2nd she is doing great! Down 14 lbs sofar. I cant wait to join her on her journey.
  3. Got my surgery date!!!!

    Today I got the call that my daughter and I will be having surgery May 2nd!!! I am super excited. We were informed that we will not need to complete a pre op diet, which makes me happy but, after reading others stories everyone seems to do them. My Dr. Said he used to do them but everyone cheated on them and his percentage of open surgery has not went up because of it. I may do something like the week of I dont know.
  4. Dr. Visit tomorrow

    So tomorrow my daughter and I go see the surgon. I know we will be signing papers for surgery but not sure what else. I am hoping we get our surgery dates and presurgrey diet. But i dont know what to expect. I am so excited.
  5. Pre Sleeve visit

    On March 30th, my daughter and I go to sign papers for sleeve surgeries. We both were approved. Our surgeon is Dr. Schumacher in kettering ohio. I am just courious if anyone has seen him. Also, do all the doctors require the 2 week pre surgery diet? I havent started tasting any protien shakes yet to see what i even like yet. I need to get my butt in gear. I am so excited and ready for this!