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  1. You're As Young As You feel

    I went into this weight loss adventure to FEEL good and get off all the obesity related drugs. I have MS; and RA; and fibromyalgia. With that said, schlepping an extra 100 pounds was the pits! I heard "lose weight and you'll feel better". Duh. I tried for years and would drop and gain and drop again, only to regain everything plus more.

    So, having this done last March (2017), my goal was to lose the weight, lose the medications I had to take for high blood pressure and ...
  2. One Year Surgiversary!

    Hello fellow sleevers and soon-to-be-sleevers! It's been a while since I have been on here.
    Yesterday, March 24, 2018 was my 1st anniversary of having the sleeve surgery. What a year it has been. I lost 102 pounds by September 2017 and once I began increasing my caloric intake due to the zumba classes, jogging and walking I do faithfully each week (and honestly, I needed some carbs), I gained back a few pounds and have been holding steady. I have lost 4-5 dress sizes and am no longer the ...
  3. 10 months Post Op

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    It's almost 10 months since surgery and I am still doing very well, sticking to my new normal.
    Don't get me wrong, there are times I WANT something I normally do not eat anymore and I will give in and eat a few Town House Flatbread Crackers because I refuse to feel like I am on a diet. I know how many I can eat without going berserk and once I have a few crackers, that's it. (Unlike the OLD days where I could polish off a box in one sitting.) ...
  4. 8 months out

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! On Friday, day after thanksgiving day, will be my 8th month anniversary since surgery.

    I have lost 102 and am holding steady. I am very happy with this amount lost, so if this is it... this is it and I am MORE than OK with it.

    I know 'they' (surgeons/nutritionists) said that MOST of the hunger hormone -ghrelin- gets removed, but mine must have used google maps to find it's way back home to me. My appetite has increased drastically ...
  5. Another HUGE Accomplishment!

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