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  1. 4 months post op

    I'm very happy with my weight loss but struggling with my hair loss. It's like a double edge sword.This year has been quite a challenge from so many life changes which has effected my journey: 1. My living situation keeps me from not eating the most nutritional clean foods I should be eating. Protein and veggies. 2. More water!! 3. Stress, stress and more stress. 4. Need to incorporate more exercise which should help with the stress.

    Month 3 was very trying time for me and now I'm ...
  2. Hair Loss!!

    Yup...it's happening and i'm not thrilled about the 3 month hair loss. I had a full head of hair when I was younger than after unhealthy dieting it resulted in massive hair loss. I became very conscious of my hair loss and started using hair extensions which made it worse. Once i realized how bad it gotten where it was thinning on the stop, I starting applying biotin shampoos and vitamins in my life which helped regrow some hair back. For now the hair loss is not too noticeable but seeing the loose ...
  3. 3 months later

    3 months out and still on track. Weight loss has slowed down but I'm guilty of not exercising as much as I should. I moderately walk but need incorporate strength training. I use to be able to lift heavy items but now i'm so week so hoping once i get to the gym i will be able to build my strength back up. Moving and working over 40 hours a week can drain the hell out of you also...my legit excuse. I'll start going to the gym next week so ready. My intake of water is still an issue. I typically drink ...
  4. Under 200!!!

    I'm FINALLY under the 200 pound mark...its only 1 pound from 200 which i'll gain after drinking a bottle of water lol, but seeing my weight under 200 for the first time in years really brought a smile to my face. The weight has slowed down but i'm not stressing about it. I'm just happy it's consist. No more yo-yo dieting and binging. I miss binge eating at times but seeing the results pushes those thoughts to the back of my mind.
    Note to self: Be proud of yourself and stay positive.
  5. Almost 2 months in

    It has been a crazy ride. I still can't believe I had the guts to go to Mexico alone for surgery but thank God everything has turned out well. In the beginning i was having some major mood swings but it's gotten better. Those lovely craving never completely goes away but you have to learn to deal with it. As a reminder I like to try on one of my dresses that didn't fit before and I can honestly say...wow.... curves popping out instead of fat rolls lol. It's a beautiful feeling.

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