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  1. We reached the Arctic Circle

    A couple of days ago we reached the Arctic Circle!
    The weather has been terrible lately, lots of rain and it is freezing cold...duh... who knew? LOL
    Just want to share some pictures.

    Yes! We made it! Hubby took a picture of me taking the obligated picture. lol
    Skinny legs!

    Camping all alone on top of the world.

  2. Our Sweden trip, boondocking

    Maybe you like to know, what our life looks like, living fulltime in a RV.
    I thought I would give you a little insight.
    We love to stay at lonely places, and enjoy the nature surrounding us.
    All alone (which is not the same as lonely), with the peace and the quite.
    At this moment we found a place to set up camp, deep in the woodiewoods, where practically no people live.
    We make our own electricity, we have propane tanks on board and we can make drinking water by ...
  3. We are back in Sweden

    Almost one year after the lost blog post, we are back in Sweden.
    This time, however, we will travel to the utmost northern coast of the European continent, far beyond the Polar Circle.
    Weather permitted, of course.
    I looked it up, we are travelling up to 71 degrees latitude, which is the European equivalent of the most northern part of Alaska, Barrow, even beyond Prudhoe Bay.
    We are really excited!
    We hope for a wonderful time of hiking, campfires and spotting ...
  4. Sweden

    We are currently in Sweden, where we were chasing the Aurora.
    That was always high on our bucketlist.
    And we have seen some beautiful sightings!
    Life is good...
    Nice hiking here in the forests and mountains.
    I feel very blessed.
    I could not have done it, when I was at my heaviest...
    I'll try to put some pictures here.
    Stil loosing weight, very slowly, but still...
    This morning 105,4 pounds.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. I finally ate pizza!

    Not a big deal, some of you might say.
    But the point is: I have not eaten pizza since my surgery, 1,5 years ago.
    So yesterday was a family day and we went out for lunch as well as dinner.

    For lunch we ended up in a restaurant where food choices were very limited.
    But there was pizza!
    I reminded myself, that I was NOT on a diet and ordered a slice of tuna pizza.
    And though it tasted good, I craved some healthy protein and my veggies.

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