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  1. Woohoo! Italy baby!

    So today we booked our tickets to go to Italy in July for 16 days. My dad is getting remarried (my mother passed away 2 years ago) and we found a good deal on tickets. It's going to be me, my hubby, my 2 kids, and my mother in law. (My step kids are not going...no way their mom would let them.) So very excited. We had to go get passports today for the hubby and I. My husband hasn't had one in 20+ years and mine was going to expire in August and still had my old last name on there. (We got ...
  2. Sunday sweet Sunday!!

    Today I woke up to a light rain but it is also my running day. It wasn't cold. So I threw my running clothes on and got ready for my run. Didn't even need my running jacket. A little rain during a run has never bothered me. I actually kind of like it because it keeps you cool. The only thing that bugs me is water getting kicked up on my calves so I wore long running pants versus the capri length that I prefer.
    It is week 3 of my C25K running program. Obviously it is getting progressively ...
  3. C25K Week 1 Day 3!! Week one COMPLETE!! 9 weeks post op today!

    Woohoo! Week one is under my belt! I am feeling phenomenal! Love this program more than I can possibly express. A little soreness in my thighs but not unbearable and no issues when I go running with that feeling. It hurts so good. LOL. I am very excited about week 2. I know from last time, that it does get harder and there were weeks that I repeated so I would feel "comfortable" with it. I was a lot heavier then so I wonder if I will need to repeat weeks this time around