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  1. It ain't a thigh gap but damn those thighs are looking good! :)

    So week 5 day 2 of C25K is done. Had no issues doing the 2 8 minute runs. I mean, it was difficult but I was able to finish. I have noticed a pinch feeling in my left hip. I am going to have to ensure I am stretching after my runs. I felt it the first time maybe 3 or 4 runs ago. Hoping it is nothing. Seems like such an odd place to feel it. Not sure why since I am so much lighter now than I have been in forever. But everything else feels great. No soreness at all. I am so excited about ...
  2. Fantastic weekend

    Today is my oldest son's 19th birthday! I can't believe it. Time has flown so fast. This is the first time in his life that we have not been together on his birthday. He is in California going to school. I miss him but I am so proud of the man he is becoming.
    Today was also the first day of week 5 of the C25K program. It wasn't too bad. But week 5 is the first week that the 3 days of running is not identical. The running today was 5 minutes, walk for 3 and repeat for 3 running parts. ...
  3. 12 Weeks-It works if you work it-Success-Adapt your mind

    Yesterday was 12 weeks. I celebrated it by finishing up week 4 of my C25K program. Half way done with the program. At the end of my workout the app kindly congratulated me and told me so! I came home very sweaty. I can feel myself pushing a little harder during the running parts. My stride is more natural and comfortable.
    Then we took our girls to their gymnastics practice. They both moved up to the next skill level so we had to decide which day their class was going to be for ...
  4. Loving my sleeve, loving myself!

    Today was no wind and my run was FANTASTIC!! I actually felt really in my groove during the running portions. Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near ready to run 5K straight, but I am doing really well on my running parts. I felt fine even in the final 5 minute run. I had good pace and rhythm for my running parts.
    So I have felt like I have been eating a ton the last few days. Must be mental because I lost another pound. I think I am losing a pound every 3-5 days from what I can tell. ...
  5. Running and shooting and shopping, oh my!

    So today I completed week 4 day one of the C25K. As I expected, it was hard but not as bad as I had anticipated. It felt the hardest the last 1 1/2 minutes of the final 5 minute run. It did not help that it was super windy today. Like crazy wind. So there were times that we were fighting against the wind while running. I may have to do this week twice to feel completely comfortable with the running portions and I am ok with that. I want to be sure that I feel like I am enjoying the running ...
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