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  1. I'm Back-I've Missed You All-2019-Exciting Things-New House

    I'm back. I have missed you all! I consider you my friends. I have been so busy with all the house stuff. We accepted an offer on our house on February 19th. We did have things to do between accepting the offer and closing on March 25th. We had the damage inspection. Had a few minor things to do for that. Then we had the appraisal. Waiting to see what it came back at. Those two inspections were probably the most stressful things ever. Also, since people kept coming to the house, to include ...
  2. House on the Market-Crazy Times-Old House/New House News-Need to Take a Breath

    OMG. What a whirlwind week. We finally did all we needed to do with the house. Photographer came on Tuesday and took the pictures for the listing. We went to a live listing on Wednesday around noon. We had 3 showings that afternoon. I think on Thursday we had about 7. By Thursday night we already had an offer above list price. Now we are sitting on 3 above list price. And several agents who are calling and texting with our realtor whose clients want to make an offer and are asking what ...
  3. Merry Christmas!-Big Changes-Crazy New Year-2019 Will Be Amazing!!

    Hello all my lovelies. I just wanted to share some exciting news. It has all happened so quickly that this is the first time I have had to stop and breathe. So my mother in law fell back in late October. She is a widow and lives about an hour from us and about 1/2 hour from my sister in law. We were all worried about her since she is so far out. We (hubby and I) had considered moving her in with us when my father in law died 2 years ago but she seemed very happy on her own and we did not want ...
  4. Omg...soooo happy!!!

    I have been wanting to get this tattoo for a while. Well not this exact one but something like it. My artist took the image I had and made if freaking fabulous. It was a long sitting time (4+ hours) but worth it. I really like how it is going to accentuate all my hard work on my biceps. It is even prettier in person than the picture. My mom passed away in 2015 from breast cancer that spread to her brain and then liver. I think this is a beautiful way to honor her memory.

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  5. Family Pictures 2018-Fit and Fabulous-Strong Girls Rock-Sleeved Life

    So we took our family pictures when my son was here visiting from college. I am so very pleased with how they turned out. It has been crazy hot here in Texas. Right at 100 and up. The high the other day was 109!!! The day we took our pictures it was right at 102 when we took them. I was super worried that we would look all sweaty and crazy but she kept us in the shade and was very quick and efficient. I swear we were done in about 10 minutes. LOL. Guess that is because the kiddos are all ...
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