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  1. Family Pictures 2018-Fit and Fabulous-Strong Girls Rock-Sleeved Life

    So we took our family pictures when my son was here visiting from college. I am so very pleased with how they turned out. It has been crazy hot here in Texas. Right at 100 and up. The high the other day was 109!!! The day we took our pictures it was right at 102 when we took them. I was super worried that we would look all sweaty and crazy but she kept us in the shade and was very quick and efficient. I swear we were done in about 10 minutes. LOL. Guess that is because the kiddos are all ...
  2. Maintaining-Carbs-Back to School

    Haven't blogged lately. Not a lot going on for my WLS journey. I am hanging tough at 113. I feel healthy at this weight. I am no longer low carb. I actually need the carbs to maintain my weight. I still focus on my protein and veggies but also eat grains now. Adding the carbs back in did not make me gain weight or give me any digestive issues.
    I am still running and getting ready for my half marathon. I feel strong when I run. It is such a great feeling. It is a time to unwind from ...